If you're looking for the best deals and highest quality products, then shopping directly from resellers is the way to go. Here's why - the products are genuine, you can get access to exclusive offers, get personalized customer service, and develop personal relationships that will have your best interest in mind — things that you wouldn't find on Amazon. 

When you purchase products and services directly from an authorized reseller, you receive several benefits.

  • You purchase from a trusted and accredited source, which is the safest way to ensure the product is genuine, is subject to manufacturer's quality controls, and is in the manufacturer’s original packaging with original accessories and support documents.
  • You receive the manufacturer’s product warranty and service support. Some standard warranties may be voided when products are purchased from an unauthorized seller or repaired by an unauthorized repair facility. Some manufacturers have recently introduced unique product SKUs and models labeled: “not for sale, service and/or use outside of China”, that are ineligible for warranty and service coverage outside of China.
  • You receive pre and post sales assistance and support with the necessary qualifications and training. Authorized resellers have access to manufacturer resources, sales and technical personnel and to the original manufacturer’s spare parts, tested to meet the applicable product specifications.

Risks when purchasing products form unauthorized sources (like Amazon):

  • The product may be of unknown origin, previously used, counterfeit or of inherently lower quality.
  • The product may be sold as “unused” – which is not a brand-new product.
  • The product may include software that is no longer supported by its licensor and requires updates to prevent security risks/network vulnerability.
  • The product may be missing key accessories or components required in your region to ensure it works as needed.
  • If product does not work properly, you may not be able to obtain support or replacement under warranty.
  • Special service programs are mostly not available from (or through) unauthorized sellers.
  • The product is not eligible for promotions like trade-in programs.