It's tempting to pick the quick, easy, and cheaper route of buying from non-authorized sellers like Amazon but it might lead to a frustrating and challenging situation.

This article explores the risks and problems that come with choosing these sellers instead of sticking to the authorized ones. From lower product quality to fewer rights for buyers, there's a bunch of issues waiting for you. Let's break down why going for non-authorized sellers isn't just a personal risk—it also messes with how shopping works for everyone.

Recently, there are Chinese manufacturers of barcode devices selling into the North American market.  Often, they are selling direct to companies selling these products and also online through various e-commerce platforms (Like Amazon, Alibaba and eBay).  Please be careful when buying from Chinese vendors as these can be issues:

  • The devices often utilize consumer-focused CPU platforms to offer a lower price - which may lead to supply inadequacies.
  • There is no support for Operating System upgrades, requiring new hardware to be purchased to obtain updated features.
  • The need for long-term security patch updates raises concerns about customer data security.
  • Non-support for Advanced Error Reporting (AER) features, potentially causing software compatibility issues.
  • Insufficient comprehensive software support, prompting additional third-party software purchases for customer needs.
  • Potential legal complications for customers could exist due to patent infringement issues with the barcode engines being used.
  • There is no support or service/repair facilities available in the US or Canada.


Buying from NON-AUTHORIZED Distributors

Manufacturers team up with authorized distributors to establish connections, make deals, and offer top-notch services to distributors who meet their criteria.

Choosing a non-authorized distributor might save you some cash upfront, but it means you're purchasing from someone who hasn't earned the manufacturer's approval. This can lead to a host of problems down the road.
  • Product from companies may not be built to work in the region (USA) where it is sold. Power supply and wireless communication standards are different in different regions of the world;
  • Online pricing that is significantly below retail price have found to be units that have been purchased in Asia, Europe or South America at deep discounts and resold into the North American market. If the product has been brought in from another region (Asia, Europe, etc.), it will not be able to be serviced or supported in North America. Buyer will have to go back to the other region for support.
  • Online retails have no technical support to help with deployment, service contracts, etc.


Benefits from an Authorized Distributor

  • New product shipped in original packaging with original accessories and support documents.
  • Supports product warranty
  • Assistance from authorized distributors with qualifications, trainings, and resources.

Risks from NON-AUTHORIZED Distributors

  • The product is of unknown origin, previously used, or counterfeit.
  • The product may be resold as “unused” – which is not a new product.
  • The product includes software that is no longer supported by the manufacturer & requires updates to prevent security risks/ network vulnerability.
  • The product is missing key accessories or components required for your region to ensure the product will work as needed.
  • The product is not eligible to be sold on-line by third party sellers (i.e. Amazon, E-Bay, Alibaba).
  • If product does not work properly, you will not be able to obtain support or a replacement under warranty.  In other words, the warranty is voided.
  • The product is not eligible to be supported by Authorized service personnel or companies.
  • The product is not eligible for trade in promotional programs.

    As always, please research products carefully or stick to recognized US brands.  You can always contact your All Barcode Systems’ sales team for assistance.