To Our Valued Customers,
Just when we thought the industry seemed to be stabilizing, we have again starting receiving notices of price increases.  The reasons (or excuses) are the same:  inflation is driving up costs, the supply chain is not able to meet the increasing demand, and paper mills (such as the Pixelle mill in Maine) are either shutting down or converting to other products. 

We are sorry to report that, effective 11/14/2022, we need to pass along the increases from our material vendors.  These increases will range from 5% - 7% for standard film materials and 8% - 12% for standard paper materials. 

The wide range of increases are based on our individual material suppliers who, themselves, have a range of increases.  Since we source material from several suppliers, some have a lower increase for certain products while others a higher increase.  We continuously work with our suppliers to mitigate costs and ensure an availability of materials.  While the industry is still facing material allocations, we are working to keep the supply coming.  Additionally, we continue to work to increase our manufacturing efficiencies so we can absorb some of the cost increases and not pass them on.
We thank you for your continued business with us.  To say the past two and a half years have been challenging in our industry would be an extreme understatement.  However, we continue to be hopeful that 2023 will see some stabilization and a return to some level or normalcy within our industry.  If interested, you can view the letters from our material vendors here.