We are happy to announce that the Finnish Paperworkers Union has reached an agreement and announced and end to the strike. The paper mills will resume operations as soon as possible and will diligently work through the backlog that has developed during the strike.
However, the strike drastically depleted the worldwide supply of paper-based raw materials and it will likely be four to six months before the supply chain catches up with the demands. We are asking that you please be patient during this time and know that we are doing everything we can to get you your products as soon as possible.
As we face unprecedented rising costs and limited, allocated material, please review you (or your customer’s) inventories and forecast needed volumes based on our announced lead times.  Get those orders in as soon as you can to ensure your place in line and allocated materials.  Our customer service team might be able to help you with a blanket order, in which predetermined quantities are shipped to you (or your customer) throughout the year.
We continue to do everything we can to hold pricing.  The latest announce increase is May 2, so consider this when placing orders.
As always, thank you for your business.