Valued Customer,
As you have likely seen on your evening news, inflationary pressures are impacting every industry from your local coffee shop to national retailers like Target and Walmart.  Our industry, printing, has experience major increases in raw material, wages, cartons, cores, and especially freight. This inflationary pressure has caused unprecedented price increases that haven’t been seen in decades.  Not only in frequency but in the amount of those increases..
All Barcode Systems works daily with our suppliers and logistics partners to minimize these price increases on our customers. Despite our diligent efforts to absorb some of these increases in raw materials and freight, we need to implement an 8% to 10% price increase on all paper products and 5% to 15% price increase on film products effective November 15, 2021.  Thermal transfer ribbons will also increase by an average of 6%.
Information about paper inflation
Information about film inflation

We appreciate your understanding and we greatly value your continued business. Thank you for working with us through these unprecedented times.