The usefulness of a Label Rewinder becomes clear as day once you notice what it can really do for you — it’s the small things in life that makes it all better.

What is a Label Rewinder?

Label Rewinders are machines that roll up labels into a neatly packed roll once they come out of a printer. They come in many different shapes, sizes, and configurations to fit any user’s need.

Why use a Label Rewinder?

Label Rewinders save a lot of time in the work environment for any business that are printing large volumes of labels. 20-30 minutes of manually rolling labels can be done in a couple of minutes.


Let’s say you need to print 300 labels to label your packages,

  1. Do you print one at a time? Now you’re walking to and fro, from printer to package. Let’s say it takes a full minute to walk from the printer to the package. 300+ minutes for printing, walking, and labeling.
  2. Do you print all 300 and take time to fold the labels together so they don’t fall apart? Now you have to spend time to fold the labels neatly and risk dropping an unwieldy stack of labels.
  3. Do you print them all and roll them up by hand? Again, now you’re spending quality time to roll up the labels neatly and it’s likely they wont be tight enough so it could all fall apart if you drop it.

If none of those options look appealing to you then you’re in the market for a Label Rewinder.

Who uses a Label Rewinder?

Any person or company printing large volumes of labels per day could benefit from a Label Rewinder. Label Rewinders will save a lot of extra time manually rewinding labels when that time could be used more efficiently in other ways.

How do you use a Label Rewinder?

You simply set the Label Rewinder just outside where the printer expels the labels, tape a label onto a label core, and turn it on. No matter what speed your printer is printing, the Rewinder will always be rewinding up the labels as it comes out.

Advantages or Disadvantages?


  • Saves a lot of time in the work place.
  • Organizes labels easily, especially for large volumes.


  • Label Rewinders can cost a bit high but it saves a lot of money in the long run by improving work flow and efficiency.


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