Proper cleaning and maintenance on a Thermal Label Printer is important. It will prolong your printer, save you money (so you don't have to buy replacements or parts), and help you avoid any printing errors that may occur.

Every label printer has a printhead and platen roller. These are the muscles of the printer that constantly get worked on.

When labels go through a printer, paper dust may accumulate and generate errors on your labels.

On Thermal Transfer Printers, the ribbon wax/resin can build up on the printhead and cause issues. Direct Thermal Printers don’t use a ribbon so Direct Thermal Printers will not have this issue.

If the printer is dirty then errors like streaks, low print quality, or paper jams may occur.

Proper cleaning requires a compressed gas duster and Thermal Cleaning Wipes. Thermal Cleaning Wipes are soaked in a solution designed for printers and will prolong the life of the printhead and platen roller.

We DO NOT suggest cleaning with other products since it can damage your printer.

To begin, remove any labels or ribbons from the printer.

The pictures above is an industrial Thermal Transfer Printer but the same cleaning technique applies to other printers as well.

Starting from the front, use the gas duster and blow paper dust around the platen roller and printhead. Work your way to the back and blow the rest of the printer.

Take a Thermal Cleaning Wipe and carefully wipe the platen roller (make sure to roll the platen roller around) and printhead.

The solution dries quick so you’re ready to print again! We suggest cleaning your printer after every roll of label or when a lot of paper dust accumulates.