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The best barcode system provider on this side of the universe.

We provide thousands of barcode scanners, labels, printers, systems, label rewinders, RFID, healthcare products, and much more.


We love Healthcare

We provide professional barcoding solutions for the healthcare industry: barcode systems, FDA-approved labels, anti-microbial printers, anti-microbial barcode scanners, and much more.


  • Who are we?

    We are an American company based in Orange County, California. We have over 30 years of experience consulting the use of barcode printers, labels, scanners, rewinders, software, and various systems (healthcare, warehouses, etc.).

  • What can we offer?

    We have all types of hardware and software to offer solutions tailored perfectly for your company. On top of our quality service, we offer major discounts (for certain industries), which other companies advertise to entice customers but never actually offer.

  • Why us?

    We're the mom & pop shop of barcodes. We want to cultivate a close working relationship with our clients. That means we're better for your business. We’re here to make sure you receive the custom service and products you need, answer all your questions, and to solve any problem you may have thereafter.

  • Latest Blog Article

    Labels Matter!

    Posted: February 26, 2014   -  

    This year we want to spotlight  labels and printers designed for the laboratory and healthcare industry. Labels are constantly used in these industries with the purpose to identify important information and resist solvents, chemicals, hot water baths, autoclaves, freezers, smearing, fading, and even falling off under harsh temperatures. Along with the right labels, the right printer is also necessary to print labels.

    The following printers are designed to work with popular systems such as IDX, GE, FlowCast, Epic, Cerner, and much more to ensure efficiency and precise data. Whether its 100 labels or 1000 labels, we guarantee that you’ll have your labels when you need it.

    Consulting services include technical training and clinical laboratory specialties including regulatory, managerial, inspection and financial services.

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