May 23, 2022 - The worldwide label industry has continually been hit with cost inflation for raw materials, freight, and energy. The increases are primarily the result of a continued supply imbalance of raw materials critical for label stocks and a bit of current geopolitical tensions.

  • Thankfully, the strike in Finland has ended.  Unfortunately, we continue to see a tightening of domestic and global supplies of facesheet and liner materials which have increased costs further.

  • With the continuing tight supply and high demand, there remains long delays in material availability and allocations.

  • Steep increases in energy and oil prices, partly due to geopolitical tensions, have caused suppliers of paper, films, and chemical components to continue to increase prices.

  • Truck (LTL) and ocean freight have further increased these rates as the industry faces continued tight capacity and rising fuel costs.
As a result, we are again forced to increase pricing on all label products 8%. These price increases will be effective June 20th, 2022. We will continue our efforts to mitigate all price increases and keep you informed.